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#design #branding #fika
/ Create a logo for the Swedish coffee shop Fika, using Scandinavian motifs in the emblem.
The logo, inspired by classic Scandinavian ornaments, embodies the spirit of the Scandinavian people who skillfully conveyed their culture through rock art. It superbly reflects the beauty and elegance of the Northern Linnaea flower, symbolizing life and prosperity. It is important to note that blue is the primary color in Scandinavian patterns, traditionally used on various surfaces.

The font group used in the logo is presented in clean, defect-free letterforms. The font seamlessly fits on surfaces while maintaining balance and proportions within the composition.
Every detail of the logo is an integral part of a balanced composition. The use of ornaments and shapes, precise reproduction of lines and forms—all of these elements constitute an artistic language that speaks to the grandeur and elegance of Scandinavian culture. The logo embodies the energy and depth inseparably linked to the heritage of Scandinavian peoples and reflects their profound aspiration for beauty.
The Fika coffee shop is located in the very heart of Tashkent. "Fika" is a Swedish verb, which roughly translates to "meet up for coffee." Following this tradition, we offer a convenient place to meet up with friends over a cup of the finest, freshest coffee you've ever tasted.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan / 2022